Special care Essential Kit

The Special Care Essential Kit includes:

  • The Smart Emergency Button
  • The Smart Plug
  • The Smart Door/Window Sensor
  • The Smart Light Bulb E27
  • The Smart Motion Sensor

The Special Care Essential Kit is smartwatt's integrated solution for the protection not only of your house but also of yourself and your loved ones. The "smart" devices connected to the gateway, which is the heart of the system, in combination with the smartwatt Service, offer conveniences such as:

  • The Smart Emergency Button that your loved ones can easily use in order to notify you in case of any emergency even if they don't have a mobile phone.
  • If a disabled person or a patient is in the house, you can receive a notification from the Smart Door/Window Sensor or from the Smart Motion Sensor that suspicious motion was detected so that you can return home immediately.
  • At the same time, with the detection of any motion in your space through the Smart Motion Sensor you can activate your stereo system, which will be connected to the Smart Plug. You can also connect all these devices to the Smart Bulb to save energy and money.

    In order for the Smart devices to operate, the smartwatt Gateway and smartwatt Service.

    By purchasing the kit you can obtain the following devices at a special price!

starting price: 140,57 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 109,63 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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Τιμή Combo 64,38 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT48,28 €


Smart Emergency Button

Τιμή Combo 28,80 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT22,47 €


Smart Plug

Τιμή Combo 43,72 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT34,41 €


Smart Door/Window Sensor

Τιμή Combo 25,03 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT19,46 €


Smart Light Bulb E27

Τιμή Combo 16,36 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT12,52 €


Smart Motion sensor

Τιμή Combo 26,67 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT20,77 €