Smart Relay

smart relay

With the Smart Relay switch you have hot water at any time you want!

- Have you forgotten the water heater on?
- Do you wish that the water in your house is heated, while you are still away from home?
- Do you want to measure the consumption of the water heater, the electric stove and your whole venue?
- Do you want to regulate your lights in the garden so that they are turned on/off as you you have defined?

With the smartwatt service there is no need to worry. By installing the ‘smart’ relay switch in your electrical panel you may measure the electric energy consumption in your house and thus, save more money. Plan the time that you would like your devices to be turned on or off, wherever you are, through your mobile phone.


With the purchase of the relay switch you get:

- the Relay Switch

- Relay Schneider (1 item) A9C21732 for load driving

- Fuse Box ½ width Schneider NSYTRVY2SFS

Technical specifications: 

Download the manual.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the “smart” Relay Switch in your electrical board, you can set a schedule for switching your appliances on and off (e.g. water heater, electrical oven) from any location, and also remain informed about how much energy you consume, thus saving money on your bills.

  • Turn the water heater off from your mobile phone – don’t leave it running for no purpose!
  • Set the water heater to switch on at your convenience and reduce your expenses for hot water!
  • Connect the relay switch with the lights you choose in the electric distribution board and avoid unnecessary consumption!
  • Did you leave the house and forgot to turn off the oven or water heater? No problem! You can control them remotely from any location!
  • Leave the house without worrying about your children turning the oven on!
  • Turn the water heater on remotely from your mobile phone before you reach home, and enjoy hot water at your convenience!
  • Do you want hot water in the morning but hate having to wake up sooner to turn the water heater on? Set the water heater to turn on and off on its own and lose no sleep!
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price for WATT+VOLT clients: 82,47 €
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