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smart socket
smart socket
smart socket
smart socket
smart socket

With the Smart Plug, you can control a wide range of home appliances remotely, and you can measure the power consumption of each appliance you connect. With this device, you can also program to turn on or off your smart appliances at a specific time every day.

Technical specifications: 
Rated voltage240V 50Hz AC
Supported load: 10Α (Amber)General use
Operating temperature0º έως 40º C
Sending/ storage temperature-20º to 50ºC
Humidity0 to 90% RH



Download the manual.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the Smart Plug, you can switch any electrical appliance on and off from your mobile phone or tablet. This way, your life becomes more efficient, while you also reduce your electricity expenses at the same time.

  • Save money by connecting the plug in power strips placed behind heavy and difficult to move furniture!
  • Are you out of town and can’t be sure whether you’ve left a light on or appliance running? Now you can turn them off by simply pressing a button on your mobile device!
  • Combine the smart plug with a humidity sensor – for example, in the children’s room. As soon as humidity crosses your prescribed limit, the dehumidifier will be automatically switched on, and the climate in your home will be regulated accordingly!
  • Activate the coffee machine from your mobile phone and have your coffee brewed and ready before you even get out of bed!
  • When the heat is too much, turn on the fan from your mobile phone, without leaving the comfort of your bed.
starting price: 46,55 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 37,24 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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Delivery time: 
2-5 days
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