Parental care Advanced Kit

The Parental Care Advanced Kit includes:

  • The Smart Indoor Camera
  • The Smart Emergency Button
  • The Smart Motion Sensor
  • The Smart Door/Window Sensor
  • The Smart Smoke Sensor
  • The Smart Controller
  • The Smart Indoor Siren

The Parental Care Advanced Kit is an innovative solution designed by smartwatt for the protection of your children. The "smart" devices connected to the gateway, which is the heart of the system, in combination with the smartwatt Service, offer conveniences such as:

  • The Smart Emergency Button, which your children can use to easily notify you if something happens in the house while you are away. You will receive an instant notification, even if they don’t have a mobile phone.
  • With the use of the Smart Camera you have the option to remotely monitor your space in real time through your smartphone.
  • If your child is home alone, you can receive a notification from the Smart Door/Window Sensor or from the Smart Motion Sensor in case suspicious motion is detected so that you can return home immediately. Ensure safety and care for your children without compromises.
  • In this Advanced Kit you can combine the Smart Door-Window Sensor with the Smoke Sensor as soon as a door opens or a smoke detection notification is received. This way you can return to the house directly and monitor your space through the Smart Indoor Camera in real time.
  • With the Smart Controller your child can easily and quickly activate a predefined scenario, such as the activation/deactivation of specific smartwatt automations, without using a mobile phone. At the same time you rest assured as you have a clear view of your house through the Smart Indoor Camera.

    In order for the Smart devices to operate, the smartwatt Gateway and smartwatt Service.

    By purchasing the kit you can obtain the following devices at a special price!

starting price: 289,98 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 228,02 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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2-5 days
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Τιμή Combo 64,38 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT48,28 €


Smart Indoor Camera

Τιμή Combo 90,86 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT72,12 €


Smart Emergency Button

Τιμή Combo 28,80 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT22,47 €


Smart Motion sensor

Τιμή Combo 26,67 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT20,77 €


Smart Door/Window Sensor

Τιμή Combo 25,03 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT19,46 €


Smart Smoke Sensor

Τιμή Combo 42,17 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT33,17 €


Smart Remote Controller

Τιμή Combo 28,80 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT22,47 €


Smart Indoor Siren

Τιμή Combo 47,65 €

Τιμή Combo με Έκπτωση για πελάτες WATT+VOLT37,55 €