Smart Humidity and Temperature Sensor

humidity temperature sensor
humidity sensor
humidity sensor
humidity sensor
humidity sensor
humidity sensor

With the Smart Humidity and Temperature Sensor you can prevent damages!

  • Do you shudder at the thought of a flooding in your house after a sudden storm?
  • Are you afraid that some pipe might break or the electric water heater has a leakage and your house might be full of water while you are away? With the smartwatt service rest assured because you can instantly receive notifications about an increase of humidity, possible flooding or overflowing in your venue.
Technical specifications: 
Operating Temperature0° έως 40°C
Life-cycle of the batteryup to 2 years
Temperature-20° to 50°C
Humidity Range0 to 90% RH


Download the manual.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the Smart Humidity / Temperature Sensor, you can receive notifications for measuring important atmospheric parameters within your space, such as temperature and humidity.

  • You no longer have to leave the dehumidifier running for no purpose. As soon as humidity reaches the desired levels, you will receive a text notification in your mobile phone! Combine it with a smart plug and configure the settings so the dehumidifier will be switched on and off automatically!
  • Are you afraid of the impact of humidity on the merchandise of your business? Install the sensor and your worries will be gone!
  • Check the rooms if you notice that their temperature is unusually up!
  • Set a timely schedule for all repairs required in interior or exterior spaces due to exposure to high rates of humidity!
  • Combine the door / window sensor with the smart plug and set the radiators to turn on when your room temperature drops below desired levels!
starting price: 39,49 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 31,60 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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Delivery time: 
2-5 days
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