Of course you can, you only need to add an extra Gateway at the home you want to monitor. You will need an extra Gateway and respectively extra devices for every home. Every location needs one separate Gateway that you will add.

Yes, the notifications will be sent to your mobile phone, no matter where you are, even when you are away from the home where the Gateway and the ‘smart’ devices are installed for a long period of time.  

Yes, in the home page of every location you have determined, you will find all the devices that you have installed.

No, the Gateway is constantly fed by the USB cable that is connected to the router, while the ‘smart’ devices have long life batteries (2 years). The batteries are included in the packs.

No, it is provided for free in the App Store (for devices iOS iphone 5s or later and version iOS 8.0 or later) and in Google Play Store (for Android devices, version 4.0 or later).

The service costs 3,99€/month. If you are not a WATT+VOLT client the purchase of the service is carried out with the purchase of the Gateway device from the e-shop of smartwatt.gr, by paying in advance the amount of 3,99€ x 12months=47,88 € per year. If you are a WATT+VOLT client, the payoff of the service is done by paying 12 equal instalments of 3,99€, in your monthly energy bill from WATT+VOLT.

The Gateway and the ‘smart’ devices have a 2-year warranty by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

Go to the Menu, select  ‘Locations/Venues’ and the venues that you have added appear (e.g. Home, Office). 

In order to add a venue, select + (top-right corner of the screen). For editing or deleting a venue, select its name and the details appear (name, picture, address, rooms that you have added and which you can delete, the gateways that you have

added, as well as the option of Deleting a location/venue).

Go to ‘Menu’, select ‘devices’ and see which devices are connected. 

The installation of the ‘smart’ devices is very simple and easy. Find the Manual of the ‘smart’ devices in www.smartwatt.gr. In the case of the Smart relay switch, it seems appropriate that the installation is carried out by an electrician.

Having the smartwatt application open, select ‘Menu’ (three horizontal lines on the top-left corner of the screen), and then select ‘My account’.

There you can change your Name, Surname, e-mail, Password for signing in to the application, or you can log out of the application. 

From the Menu select ‘Devices’ to see all of them, then select the device whose name you want to change, next select ‘Information’ (top-right corner of the screen) and edit the name of the device simply by clicking on it (appears on the first line). 

Go to  ‘Menu’ >  ‘Devices’ and then select the device that you want.   

We are very sorry, at present there is no possibility of using the services through the computer. We are working towards extending the use of the application through a computer as well.

The smartwatt service is available for everyone, independently of whether you are a customer of WATT+VOLT or not. Have a look at the pricelist of our products above or in www.smartwatt.gr.


When there is not an internet signal, the mobile application cannot function and therefore the service and the ‘smart’ devices cannot function either.

In case of a power cut the Gateway is disabled, therefore the function of the service and the ‘smart’ devices discontinues for a period of time until the power is restored.

The only thing that may happen is that the Gateway is disabled, and therefore the function of the service and the ‘smart’ devices discontinues for a period of time until the recovery of the breakdown.

The installation is done very simply. You can consult the manual that is found in every device. However, specifically for the installation of the Smart relay switch, we recommend that you contact one of our partner electricians. In the website www.smartwatt.gr you can find a suggested way of purchase with installation by an electrician.

Fortunately, the Gateway can support as many ‘smart’ devices as you wish from the variety of devices that we trade.

The only minimum requirement is to have the Gateway, that is the central management system, and at least one ‘smart’ device. Note, however, that the optimum functionality of the service in terms of automation lies upon the use of all ‘smart’ devices.

We are very sorry. At present, the application is available only for devices with iOS software (iphone5s or later and version iOS 8.0 or later) or Android (devices with version 4.0 or later). We are working towards developing compatibility of the application with devices of alternative software in the near future.

  1. Convenience in everyday life
  2. Security, control and protection
  3. Money and energy saving

In order that the smartwatt service functions you must:

Be connected to the Internet 

  a) Free Ethernet port

  b) Permanent connection, without interruptions. 

Have a Smartphone or Tablet

  a) iOS devices (iphone 5s or later and iOS 8.0 or later). The application is available for free in App Store.

  b) Android devices (version 4.0 or later). The application is available for free in Play Store.

They are the updates for the changes in the status of a ‘smart’ device. You are informed any time if a device is on or off, if there is motion or water leakage in the house and about any other action you have adjusted, depending every time on which ‘smart’ devices you have installed.

The ‘Rules’ are the adjustments that the user makes for every smart device or for a combination of these.

This means that he/she can determine, for example, whether a device in a room has a certain state, then in reasonable time another device will have a specific state or/and will get a notification according to the desired time. The rules can be applied to one or more of the available scenarios.

The ‘Scenarios’ are states of the user. That is either he/she is at home, or out of the house or on holidays.  

According to these states, he/she can determine the notifications that he/she will receive for the interconnected smart devices (by the rules) in any case, that means other notifications when at home, others when on holidays etc.

‘Smart’ devices are small appliances connected to the Gateway wirelessly, with the help of a mobile application that we offer for free. They are controlled and synchronized through this application supporting various functions, such as turning on/off electricity supply, monitoring of motion and temperature, controlling of lighting through the Smart light bulb as well as controlling of water leakage and humidity levels.

With the Door-window sensor you can check if anyone entered your selected house while you were away or while you were in another location of the house. You get a notification immediately after the door or the window opens. The sensor is placed in any open area near a door or window.

With the Humidity and temperature sensor you can monitor the level of humidity but also the temperature inside your selected venue, through a notification that you will get on your mobile phone.

With the Motion sensor you can control if there is any motion in the area that you are interested in or you can see if there is something moving in your house while you are away. For example, if someone opens your drawer, you get a notification. If someone moves your jewellery, you are notified. If someone enters your place or your pet moves to another area, you can receive a notification.

With the Smart light bulb you have the total control of the lighting in your house by switching on and off the lights from a distance.

Did you leave home and forget the lights on? You can log into the application and see which lights are on and just turn them off! You can also create the atmosphere that you desire in your house and relax with the ‘smart’ colored light bulbs.

With the Smart socket you can turn on/off a device from a distance (through the mobile application) and directly check the consumption of the device that is connected to the socket. You may connect any device that you want to turn into a ‘smart’ device, which does not exceed the consumption of 2200W. For example, you can turn on/off the coffee maker, the toaster and the electric iron from a distance, making your everyday life easier.

With the Water leakage and temperature sensor you can be notified on your mobile phone of any water leakages in your place, e.g. if the washing machine overflowed, if the sink pipe broke.

The Smart relay switch gives you the chance, inter alia, to turn on/ off the water heater no matter where you are. For example, have you forgotten the water heater on? Do you wish that the water was hot in your house, whenever you wanted? Do you wonder if you can turn on your electric stove, while you are away from home? Do you want to measure the consumption of the water heater, the electric stove and your whole place? By installing the ‘smart’ relay switch in your electrical panel, you get the possibility to adjust the electrical consumption in your house and therefore save even more money.

The smartwatt service includes the Gateway and the ‘smart’ devices. More specifically:

The Gateway is the ‘controlling centre’ of all the ‘smart’ devices of smartwatt. With the Gateway you can connect all your appliances to your mobile phone through the application that we provide for free. For example, you can turn on the lights, turn off the water heater, switch off the coffee maker, monitor the motion or humidity level at the selected home, protect from any water leakage!

In order to use any ‘smart’ device it is necessary to have connected the Gateway to the internet of your home and installed the application that we offer for free on your mobile phone (iOS devices, iphone 5s or later and version iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices version 4.0 or later).

At present, the ‘smart’ devices that are compatible with the Gateway are:

  • Smart socket
  • Smart relay switch
  • Smart lightbulb + Smart (color) bulb light RGBW 
  • Motion sensor
  • Door-window sensor
  • Water leakage and temperature sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor

smartwatt is an innovative service that gives you the opportunity to take control of your area. More specifically, it combines the absolute control and monitoring, inter alia, of lighting, of sockets, of temperature and of movement in the area. Furthermore, it has the ability to detect water leakages. Therefore, smartwatt creates new opportunities for convenience, energy-saving, safety and protection in your home.

smartwatt combines the absolute control and monitoring of your area, but also the management of the electricity consumption, by a single application, wherever you are. For example, you can turn off the lights of your home, turn on the water heater or even flash your electrical appliance, while you are far from home.

The mobile application is available for mobile phones and tablets (iOS, Android) and you can download it for free from the App store or Google Play Store.

With the smartwatt application, the user is notified of any action that takes place at any moment in his or her home, taking into account the predetermined rules that the user has set.

The maximum range is between 10 and 20 meters. Beyond the 20 meters, you must use an extra Gateway (e.g. between floors, outdoor areas etc.)

In order to enable the notifications, go to the ‘Menu’, then ‘Settings’ and there enable or disable the notifications, as well as the settings related to these.

The notifications appear in the notification option of your device (mobile phone/tablet), depending on the model, and in the applications ‘Menu’ by selecting ‘Notifications’.  

No, the Gateway will automatically be updated whenever there is a new software version, provided that it is permanently connected to the Internet. Respectively, the application will be updated either automatically or upon your approval, once a new version is made available. If the application is not updated, it continues to function normally, however, it is recommended, to be updated with the latest version.