Smart Door/Window Sensor

door window sensor
door window sensor
door window sensor
door window sensor
door window sensor
door window sensor

The ‘smart’ house that controls every move for total security!

- Wouldn’t you like to know if someone entered your house unexpectedly?
- Wouldn’t you like to be informed if your child came back from school at a certain time?
- Do you wonder if your dog has entered into ‘forbidden’ areas in the house?

With the smartwatt service you are carefree. By installing the Door-window sensors you have the opportunity to receive notifications about any move detected in your home. Therefore, you make your everyday life easier, while at the same time you keep your place safe, avoiding unexpected ‘visits’.

Technical specifications: 
Operating Temperature0° to 40°C
Life-cycle of the batteryup to 2 years
Temperature-20° to 50°C
Humidity Range0 to 90% RH



Download the manual.

With the combined power of smartwatt and the Door / Window Sensor, you can receive notifications about any motion detected within and outside your space.

  • Set your air conditioning unit to turn off as soon as you open your balcony door or your window, and save money on your bill!
  • Receive notifications every time your door or window opens! It’s like having an invisible alarm!
  • Combine the Door / Window Sensor with a smart lightbulb, and set the light to automatically switch on when the door opens!
  • Do you wonder why your room is cold? Now, you no longer have to worry whether you’ve left the bedroom or living room window open. The sensor will notify you!
  • Do you want to check if someone is opening the fridge at night, although their health or diet forbids it? Well, now you can!
  • You can be immediately informed if someone is borrowing clothes from your closet!
  • You no longer have to stay up at night and wait for your child to get home. You will receive a text message in your mobile phone as soon as the door opens!
starting price: 27,87 €
price for WATT+VOLT clients: 22,29 €
Prices include VAT 24%
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Delivery time: 
2-5 days
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