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Now, with the innovative smartwatt service you take control of your home, no matter where you are! Discover ways to make your home a safe place and at the same time make your everyday life easier.

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Using the Smart light bulb, you can easily adjust the lights in your home any time you like.
Energy Saving
By installing the Smart relay switch in your electrical panel, you may plan the electric devices (i.e. water heater, electric oven) operation and measure the electric energy consumption in your house and thus, save more money. With the help of the Smart plug, you can turn on/off any electrical appliance you want from your mobile phone or your tablet at any time. Therefore, your everyday life becomes easier, while also reducing your electric power costs.
With the new smartwatt service and 'smart' Security Devices, you can receive notifications of the temperature and humidity changes of your home, floods, possible leaks in pipes or your electric water heater, as well as notifications of any traffic detected in your home or your personal items.

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smartwatt – Gateway installation instructions
"Smart" water heater relay switch - smartwatt from WATT+VOLT

The ‘smart’ devices communicate wirelessly via ZigBee protocol with a central Gateway, the ‘heart’ of the smart system that is connected straight to the router of your internet connection, through a very simple and quick process. Through the mobile application, you can manage the Gateway which controls the ‘smart’ devices. Flexible and easy to install, you can relocate the devices whenever and wherever it’s necessary.


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WATT+VOLT clients enjoy lower prices in all smartwatt products.

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